Dan was born in Norwalk and raised in Westport, Connecticut. He is the youngest of four boys. His mother and father, both very creative people, met in New York City at the Phoenix School of Design. When Dan was about 5 years old his father started a freelance graphics business out of their home. In his fatherís studio, Dan learned to use all the tools found there.

From the time Dan was in diapers there was always a sailboat in the family. During the time he lived in Connecticut his summers were spent swimming and cruising about Long Island Sound. When preparing to enter High School, his parents decided to head South on their 47í Sailboat and settled in Miami. Much of Danís adult life was spent living in the Miami area where he attended Dade Community College and eventually became a freelance graphics artist himself.Dan also attended the New Hampshire Institute of Technology.

Over the years Dan has spent nearly a decade living and working aboard various vessels, cruising the Atlantic seaboard, Bahamas and the Great lakes, while still finding time to indulge in his artistic talents.

Dan is a very diverse artist whose talents range from commercial graphics to varying styles of fine art.